Strarry night

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"The heart broken"

Today, i was fainted frome heartache.
I felt heartache and stomachache since i ate breakfast.
and today's sunshine was so hot .



I didn't said this happenings.. one knows i was fainted.
when i talking about this things , i feel i 'm so week . i don't like that feeling.
How funny thing is no one helped me at the place. one lady yelled "somebody help her! she fainted!! " but, everyone scared and didn't help me. of course 'yelled lady ' too. well, she just yelled yelled yelled... i was so annoying that.

Man, i'm so tired. i need some rest....
i have to get rid of my stress. i think its sollution is playing the piano, but i have no time to playing the piano.

today i was fainted...and if i'll can't rid of my stress, i 'll faint again from my stress. Damm!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

I dreamed yesterday, and he appeared there.
it's strange thing...i didn't thought 'him' a 0.01 sec never once.
i think i removed him in my head...then he appear..

maybe my heart miss him so he come to my dream.
i dreamed by heart at first time
i always dream by my head...

so blue..

so happy

so..ordinary times..

it's nothing specail things ..just afternoon like the other days. he washed dish, i sprinkled a lawn. and i was stung by bee. that bee insert its sting deeply like a mosquito. i walk with a limp to kitchen. he look back me and treat an injury
. we had a cup of coffee, talked, had some eye contacts, look the sky with, hold hands woth each that...dream was about really ordinary times.
when i woke up, i feel ache my heart. also i felt wanna cry but i couldn't. after 5 min, i wanna get out of this suffering so i wash up by cold water. but......dream dosen't let me forget.
I got it. why my heart feel ahe.
it was so ordinary and happy
and it could be come true
but never happen to me
neverever forever.
so my heart sense this things earlier than head.
i can't cry cause sooo ache which is this ordinary and nothing peculiar dream..

ordinary , common, not allow to me and him.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

somebody said "20 is second "
i think it means "20 has a lot of things to ask and answer. "

then, Whats the heal? whats mean "heal" ?
just let disappear some pais? or just some lip service for mental ?

why people has the dream?
why they give the dream to their patients?
for live?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I know, that means...
NOw i know...

Cheer up, June!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My hands

It feel so hot, ache... i can't bend my hands.

damm!! mosquitoes. .

i can't play the piano cuz this problem.

So bad.. if i cant play the piano for 3days , i would forget 'that' song.
my favorite song........

anyway, "Eobi" was fun , i like him.
always loves me and mom . he didn't tell a lie never and ever.
and he is so kind. so sweet.

i need more time .......


Monday, August 21, 2006


SAd but I ' ll Smile For U.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Plz, Don't hurt me..

PLz, don't hurts me. and Don't let me cry.

I'm not a girl i'm women. I'm not a kid i'm adult.

i'm fragile.
Don't YOu know how i love U? why did U say like that?
It hurts me .. like a hole in my heart.

Don't treat me like I was ice
I wish i had never met you. .
U broke my heart.

and...i really really hate

With Fren, to go JunKo

Yesterday, i went to the Junko with my club.

weather is so good, windy, cool, sky is blue. everything is good until got a message 'HE can't come' .(mean 'ex-boyfren') that's ok, people has so many reason so can't come our meetting. just one thing i'm angry about, he avoid me since i'm back here. no meassage, no calling, no talking . well, i said "goodbye" a month ago. he promise me we'll be friend, even we are not lover anymore! But, now see his action, he avoid me entirely! what the...... i hate this situation.

Anyway, yesterday was sooo good. (beer is not good, that's not my type.) appetizers served with drinks are good too. appetizers are infinity refill. that restaurant is good to go with girls. not mood, But Most Korean girls like appetizers more than beer or any drinks.

so i had a hangover until noon//

i get drunk easily so i hate drinks. and i don't wanna eat that.

but Korea...dosen't allow to me.

that's SAD.